March 31, 2022


Crawford Independent School District

200 Pirate Drive

Crawford, Texas 76638

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Crawford ISD is currently accepting sealed proposals for installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and carpet tile the high school and elementary campuses. Please provide separate price(s) for each campus per the scope of work and pre-construction meeting. The district may choose to award a portion, or all of the work to a vendor as deemed necessary. The successful bidder will be determined on “best value” for the district. Due to the requested completion date, the availability of manpower is critical and will be considered when making final selections.

In awarding a contract, the District shall consider:

1. Purchase price

2. Projected start date

3. Time Frame to complete the full scope of work

4. The reputation of the vendor and of the vendor’s goods and services.

5. The extent to which the goods or services meet the District’s needs.

6. The vendor’s past relationship with the District.

7. The district also reserves the right to decline all proposals.

Scope of Work

1. Remove all rubber baseboards.

2. Move portable classroom furniture and equipment in preparation for LVT and carpet installation

3. Remove existing carpet.

4. Clean and prepare all floors for installation of LVT and carpet tiles.

5. Provide protection for furniture, cabinets, and floors.
6. Install LVT and carpet tiles in designated areas.

7. Install rubber baseboards.

8. Changes to the above Scope of Work shall be addressed by the Bidder at either the Pre-Construction Meeting or via email prior to the Proposal date. Answers will be forwarded to all Bidders and should be included in the Proposal.
9. The Scope of Work is intended to be complete. Changes to the Scope of Work will not be accepted and will not constitute a change order if discrepancies are not discussed/answered prior to commencement.

Schedule for RFP Selection

The district will make every effort to adhere to the following schedule:

03/28/22 Release of Request for Proposal (RFP)

04/05/22 Pre-Proposal Meeting. 2:00 pm @ CHS

04/08/22 Deadline for questions concerning the RFP or services requested

04/11/22 Responses given to any questions provided to all known interested banks

04/18/22 Deadline for proposal submission 4/18/22 @ 3:00 pm

04/18/22 District Board award of contract

05/23/22 Contract commencement

08/01/22 Desired completion date

Direct any questions about the project or proposal to:

Dr. Kenneth Hall