Character counts!

January 19, 2023

McGregor ISD announced its Character Committee members for the 4th 6-weeks at McGregor Elementary. Luan Haxhijaj was nominated by his teacher because he is a good role model for all students. He has a keen sense of humor, and always has a positive attitude. Luan has many friends and gets along with everyone. He is a good worker, gets his assignments turned in on time, and participates with his peers in group settings. One of his greater strengths is how he leads by example and others follow him. Camila Salas was nominated because she is kind and considerate of others. She works hard and receives good grades. She always does the right thing and wants others to do the same. Jaden Medina was nominated because he is always a good friend to other students and also a great listener. Jaden is a hard worker, and he can be counted on to do what he is supposed to do. He is an example of a great leader. Jose Suarez was nominated because he is kind, responsible, and is always helping other students with school work. He keeps an eye out for opportunities to help his teachers.