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Family Living

Getting ready for senior portraits? What you need to know and do for awesome pictures
No time to pack your child's lunch for school? No worries
Welcome fall with simple and stylish décor tips that are child friendly
Find stylish and safe home decorating ideas with these tips.
Young heroes across the nation are using this life-saving program
Learn to spot the signs of a person in distress who needs the life-saving Heimlich maneuver.
Florida vacation ideas to make everyone happy
Get the most out of your Florida vacation with these travel ideas.
The most treatable serious senior health issue: loneliness
Loneliness can be a serious health issure for seniors, but it's also very treatable.
Car talk: Americans and their car conversations
Tips to make sure your car's tires are ready for your next road trip.
5 ways to support a friend diagnosed with cancer
Tips for being a friend during a difficult time.
5 tips to stop bullying and build relationships
The anatomy of a baby wipe [Infographic]
Learn how baby wipes are made with families and little ones in mind.
5 simple ways to find time for 'me time' - because you totally deserve it
Incorporate ways to find 'me time' for a more balanced lifestyle.
6 conversations parents should initiate to help their teen thrive
Secrets of experienced moms to save time, money and stress
8 hacks experienced moms use every day
Young families: The cost vs. protection challenge
Tips on how young families can prepare for their future.
4 ways to keep kids safe outdoors
Enjoy the outdoors and keep your kids safe with these tips.
The new frontier: video games branch into reality
A new video game lets kids play in both the real and virtual worlds
Health insurance hurdles? 4 times to ask for help
A look at the four times you may need to ask for help when deciding health care coverage for you and your family.
Diluting baby formula: When frugality can be fatal
Diluting a baby's formula or breast milk can be dangerous, so look for other cost-savings measures.
Know your child's heart and how to protect them from cardiac arrest
Learn tips to understand your child's heart and protect them from cardiac arrest.
Parents: Tips for making baby's many milestones stress-free and joy-filled
Babies progress at their own pace. Here's how to make milestone moments stress-free for parents.
Redefining good days while living with breast cancer
Here are some tips for those diagnosed with cancer, along with their supporters, on ways to make the treatment journey a little easier.
Five ways parents can stay on top of everything this school year
Smart tips for staying organized during the busy school year.
The back-to-school item you may have missed: managing screen time
To flush or not to flush: Get the facts on what's flushable
To flush or not to flush: Find out the facts
Tailgate at your place with these easy party tips
Easy party tips to make this tailgate season your best ever.
Take the stress out of laundry with these timesaving tips
Save time and money with these laundry tips.
Can't make it to the tailgate? Host the ultimate 'staygate' instead
Tips for the ultimate "staygate" this sports season.
5 things parents need to know about HPV
6 tips to keep mornings moving for busy moms
Six simple tips can help moms keep everyone moving in the morning.
Heart yourself with Omega-3s
How to keep your heart healthy with Omega-3s
Skill swap: How grandparents and grandkids can learn from each other
How grandparents and grandchildren can learn from each other.
Get ready for back-to-school with minivan meal makeovers
Tame your family's hunger with these easy meal and snack ideas, perfect for when you're on the go.
7 life hacks for the college freshman
Improve your health with these tips for a good night's sleep
Improve your sleep and your health with these tips.
How to protect kids from the health risk that can harm them now and as adults
Sun damaged skin is one childhood experience that can affect kids' health as adults.
Teachers: the resource students need most remains in short supply
5 ways grandparents can stay in touch with friends and family anywhere
Learn tips for grandparents to stay in touch with their friends and family anywhere.
The 5 worst times to be your own photographer
Here are five times when it pays to hire a professional photographer.
How to make Labor Day last year-round
Tips to help you extend your summer well into the fall season.
From auto aromatherapy to planning ahead: 7 tips for a calmer commute
6 tips for fall recreation
Tips to make the most of the fall season.
5 ways to support your student and your school this year
Technology must haves before you travel
Planning one more trip this year? Make sure you have these essentials.
6 ways to win the race against the clock (and the kids) each morning
Six tips to help get kids out the door faster each morning.
Comforting touches can ease back-to-school transitions for both parents and kids
Top 4 year-round sensitive skin issues
Skin sensitivity can happen any time of year. Here's what to do about it.
Empower yourself: Questions to ask your doctor about managing sickle cell disease
Questions to ask your doctor about sickle cell disease.
Life can be uncomfortable, but your mattress shouldn't be [Infographic]
A look at some of the situations Americans find most uncomfortable.
The new secret for savvy, simple savings: Gift card exchanges
Save money at your favorite store with this easy tip.
Planning a family? What to know about inherited genetic diseases and screening options
It's now possible to screen for hundreds of potential genetic birth defects before you even get pregnant.
Back to school: A child's success starts with a good night's sleep
Tips to turn kids into money masters at any age
Teaching kids how to manage money can start at any age.
7 must-have survival tools for dorm-dwellers
5 essentials for your best summer yet
Planning one last event to make the season memorable? Don't forget these must haves.
3 steps to prepare your credit for homeownership
Get your credit ready for homeownership with these three tips.
Getting schooled: 5 ways to save on supplies
5 spontaneous ways to love boldly for National Romance Month
Bold ideas to add spontaneity to your love life.
4 tips for working adults going back to school
Drink up; the world's largest glass of ice tea is created in Summerville, South Carolina
Learn more about the world's largest glass of ice tea poured in Summerville, South Carolina.
Tips for parents to help students gain the edge in STEM education
Suffering from fall allergies? What you can do to find relief
Learn how you can find relief for your seasonal allergies.
New diabetes management system aims to alleviate worry and stress for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes
A new system will help give parents peace of mind when it comes to managing their child's diabetes.
Banish back-to-school lunchbox blues with grapes
Grapes can be a great way to banish back-to-school lunchbox boredom.
Beat the heat of your bank account: Five tips for hot savings
Smart budget tips that will help you save during any season.
Labor and delivery: No laughing matter
5 tips to help your child have a great school year
4 tips for taming back-to-school stress
4 ways to bring order to another school year
Managing diabetes: 4 simple steps to keep your child safe at school
Simple steps to help your child manage diabetes at school.
5 of the hottest trends for back to school this year
Top 8 breastfeeding tips for new moms
8 tips for breastfeeding success
Fire safety tips to help protect your home during summer travel
You can protect your home from fire risks even while your away from it this summer.
Can your walls stand up to life?
Make sure your walls stand up to life's hard knocks
Summer curl care guide: How to keep the fun without the frizz
Simple tips to fight the frizz and keep your curly hair looking great this summer.
Moving with a pet? Tips to make the transition easier for four-legged family members
Tips for keeping pets safe and happy in the midst of moving your household.
5 reasons to take a Comic Con adventure this year
Here are five reasons you must attend Comic Con this year.
6 easy ways to boost your brain health
Here are six ways to boost your brain health.
6 questions to ask your child's pediatrician
A 6-point checklist for your child's summer checkup.
4 paws and a wet nose can save a wounded veteran's life
Teaching girls to be unstoppable #LikeAGirl
Millennials say they want to save for retirement, but a third aren't doing it
Retirement saving tips for millennials managing their money.
5 creative ways to recreate your look to amaze
Don't leave home without these five beauty tips.
10 tips to make your home safer for kids
Simple tips to create a home-safe-home.
5 most difficult U.S. cities to spell
6 steps to a championship caliber lawn
Get a stadium-caliber long with very little effort.
Get the most out of the sunny summer solstice
Make the most of these long summer days with these tips.
Five emotions you feel when a mess occurs
4 ways to get your children to work with you instead of against you
Find new ways to get your children working with you on common household tasks.
7 reasons tablets are good for your customers and your restaurant as well
When memories are fleeting: caregiver solutions
Find ways to manage your stress as a caregiver so you can offer the best possible care to your parent.
5 emotions you feel when a mess occurs
Depending on the situation, messes can evoke various emotions.
Get moving: 5 healthy summer family activities
Get your kids moving this summer with fun family activity ideas.
The manly rights of passage
The cat's meow: six fabulous ways to pamper your feline
Find the tools you need to offer one-of-a-kind care to your cat.
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