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Do you know who's driving your car? Learn how to protect yourself from auto theft [Infographic]
Learn more about auto theft in the United States and what you can do to protect your car.
Make the most of summer: 4 easy ways to go boating
Boating is a popular American pastime. This spring and summer, don't get left on the dock and take advantage of the warmer weather aboard a boat.
Four eco-friendly car tips to get you back on the road
Regular maintenance is not only good for your car, it can be good for the environment as well. Find out how.
How to protect yourself from uninsured drivers
Some drivers ignore insurance laws. If you get in an accident with an uninsured driver, will you be protected?
Clever tips and tricks to save on auto insurance
Car insurance can take a bite out of your budget. Check out these tips to help cut insurance costs.
Umbrella insurance: Are you adequately covered?
Insurance protects you and your loved ones should an accident occur but what happens if you get sued? Learn about how an umbrella policy can protect the most important things in your life.
Four out of 10 drivers don't know this dashboard warning could save their lives
Knowing the importance of correct tire pressure could help save your life.
Running on empty: How far can you really go?
It's no secret that an automobile can continue to run after the fuel light comes on, but should drivers rely on the extra mileage it allows? Consider this expert insight.
How to get your car to go that extra mile - or 100,000
How can you reach the six-figure mile-mark? The answer is as simple as listening to your car, following a regular maintenance schedule and asking yourself these questions.
Car care tips from a lady who professionally takes hers through the dirt and mud
Learn 10 easy ways to keep your car running at the top of its game from a person who routinely puts her vehicle into extreme conditions.
Eight car safety features that could save your life
Car crashes claim loved ones every year. Learn how the latest safety features are keeping driver's safe to enjoy the road ahead.
Car lovers: Take care of your four-wheeled family member
Your car is part of the family. Learn some tips to take care of this vital family member and keep it running as long as possible.
No more road rage: How smart cities and driverless cars make life better for everyone
Driverless cars, delivery drones and smart buildings: they all seem like things you'd see in a sci-fi movie. But all those futuristic developments could soon roll onto American roadways, and many Americans overwhelmingly support the changes.
Five insider tips to save money when buying a car
As the weather warms, car buying season gets into full swing. Even though interest rates are still at or near record lows, there are additional ways smart buyers are saving even more cash on their next vehicle and staying within their budgets.
New laws emerge as technology impacts cars and driving
As it relates to public policy, lawmakers may be feeling overwhelmed as they try to keep up with researching, writing and passing legislation to regulate new technologies to maintain public safety or prevent the invasion of privacy. Here is news on some enacted and proposed legislation involving technology and driving.
Three easy DIY tips to maintain your vehicle
When it comes to vehicle maintenance there are two schools of practice: the "do it for me" and the "do it yourself." We all know about the basic maintenance you should be doing like getting your oil changed and checking the belts and hoses for wear. But did you know there are other aspects of your vehicle you can easily maintain and, by doing so, will extend the life of your vehicle?
How to protect your diesel in cold weather
As more manufacturers produce diesel vehicles for consumers, owners need to be aware of the issues that may occur during the cold winter months and learn how they can protect their vehicle.
Get in gear this year with a resolution to ride with
Now that the ball has dropped to usher in 2014, make it your mission to set a resolution to stick with this new year. According to Forbes, more than 40 percent of Americans set a goal for themselves at the start of a fresh year. However, only a mere 8 percent ever actually reach the finish line due to lack of ease and tangibility.
Tips to keep you trekking this winter
Winter is in full swing, and with the magical season come the potentially unpleasant snow, ice and slippery conditions that can make driving a challenge. But, even in this less-than-ideal driving weather, Americans are ready to take on what Mother Nature throws their way. Even though 63 percent of Americans say icy roads are their top winter driving concern, 76 percent also say they are comfortable driving in snow, according to Hankook Tire's Winter Gauge Index.
Think spring: Insider tips for shopping a local boat show
A new year means new resolutions. Maybe your resolution is looking to spend more quality time with family and friends? Learn something new? Spend more time outdoors or being active? This is the year to follow through on that resolution and discover boating - an activity that can accomplish all of the above.
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